Artists By Genre: Marching

Louis Armstrong


US Marine Band

United States Navy Band

The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

John Philip Sousa

US Army Band

Kearny Mesa Concert Band

US Coast Guard Band

The Ohio State University Marching Band

Studio Sunset

Bruce Campbell

US Army Field Band

United States Air Force Band

Band of the Grenadier Guards

US Air Force Band

US Navy Band & Sea Chanters Chorus

US Air Force Heritage of America Band

United States Coast Guard Band

Florida State University Marching Chiefs

United States Army Band

United States Army Field Band and Soldiers' Chorus

The Gordon Highlanders

Band of the US Air Force Reserve

Spirit of America Ensemble

Dr. Michael White

Various US Military Bands

US Air Force Concert Band

US Air Force Band of the Rockies

US Army Field Band Soldiers' Chorus

Jack McLaughlin

The United States Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants

The Band Of Her Majesty's Royal Marines

US Air Force Academy Cadet Chorale

Hill Bowen and His Orchestra

Die Korntaler

US Navy Band

University of Washington Husky Marching Band

The Band of H.M. Royal Marines

University of Texas Longhorn Band

Orphei Drangar

Luciano Tajoli

John Phillip Sousa Orchestra

Inside Tracks

Ryan Franks

The Manhattan Pops

US Air Force Band of the Golden West

The Band Of The Royal British Legion

Fröhliche Blasmusikanten

John Philip Sousa & His Band

Songs To Your Eyes

Manhattan Brass Band

Andrea Litkei

Greek Military Band


Lustige Musikanten

Western Kentucky University Big Red Marching Band

German Bavarian Soldier Choir

The Band Of The Life Guards

Polizeiorchester Bayern

Eddie Waltman

Musikkorps 6 Der Bundeswehr Mit Chor

Giovanni Martinelli

Alibi Music

Grosses Blasorchester mit Chor

Musikzug der SS-Standarte 42

Mississippi State University Famous Maroon Band

Wilbur de Paris & His "New" New Orleans Jazz Band

United States Army Band and Chorus


Barry Joseph

Paul Lavalle

Gran Banda Militar

The Band of the Coldstream Guards

Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

Francesco Albanese

The Falconaires

United States Air Force Band of the Rockies

Wehrmacht Musikkorps

The Western Band Of The R.A.F

The Owl Town Pipe & Drum Band

Sammy Rimington

The Band Of R.A.F. Regiment

Rutgers University Glee Club

Ervin Litkei

The City Of Wellington Highland Pipe Band

Stef Eikemann and Band

Musikkorps der Schutzpolizei, Berlin

Asphalt Orchestra

The Israel Marching Band

Macleay Duff Distillery Pipe Band

Wilfred William Burns

The Olympia Brass Band

US Air Force Band of Flight

Parry Music

Northwestern State University Bands

Heeresmusikkorps 6 und Spielleute der 6. Panzergrenadierdivision

Frederick George Charrosin

Blas-Orchester in Historischer Besetzung

Solano Winds

Germany National Anthem

Per Ohlsson

The Mississippi Alumni Allstar Band

The Americana Ensemble

Banda Lucero de Federico Alvarado

Spielleute der Panzergrenadierdivision sowie Großen Soldatenchor und preußische Traditionsorchester

Anthony W Mawer

Daniele Serra

Band of the Royal Green Jackets

The Band Of The Royal Irish Rangers

Bückeburger Jäger

Stuart Crombie

Fanfara e coro V. Santini

Maj. Hillary Wilkenson

The Band of The Royal Lancers

The Band Of RAF Cranwell

Capstone Champion Corps

University of Illinois Bands

David Francis

The Band Of The Parachute Regt

Cedric King Palmer

Banda los Clarineros

The Band Of The Queen's Lancashire Regt

Zentrales Orchester der NVA

Banda dell'Arma dei Carabinieri di Roma

Original Kapelle Egerland

Milton Batiste's All-Star Gumbo Band

Aldo Masseglia

Ist Marine Division Band

Roger Barsotti

David Hart

Anthems Of The World

Banda militare in congedo

Kurt Herrlinger

Albert W. Ketelbey

Freddy Lonzo

Banda del Maestro Tejera

Ronald Charles Hanmer

Prof. Julius Herrmann und Das Große Salon-Orchester Wien

Honourable Artillery Company Band

Les Boules de Feu

Big Bill Bissonnette & his Easy Riders Jazzband

Musikkorps des Wachtbataillons Berlin

Musikkorps der Leibstandarte des Führers

Lee Jacobs

Jeff Bright

The Carmany Marching Band

Blasorchester "Kurmark" mit chor

Walter Schacht mit seinem 2. Luftwaffenkorps

The Band Of Wellington's Royal Regt

Arturo Ferrara

George J. Blackmore

The Crow Marching Band

Dr Micheal White

Banda de Cornetas y Tambores Nuestra Señora de la Victoria Las Cigarreras

Horst Meie und Gudrun Fischers Party Combo

Anthem Of The World

Banda de Cornetas y Tambores del Santisimo Cristo de las Tres Caidas

Gregg Stafford with The Easy Riders Jazzband

Milton Batiste with Adam Oliver's Jazz Band

SSAFA Searchlight Tattoos Massed Bands

Mats Janhagen

Ronald Charles Douglas Hanmer

John Harbury

Wendi's Böhmische Blasmusik

Kid Sheik

Banda de Nuestra Señora del Carmen de Salteras

Amsterdam Staff Band of the Salvation Army

Banda Insa

Musikkorps des Wachregiments Feliks Dzierzynski

Otto Bahlmann

Fanfara dei bersaglieri in congedo

Tuba Fats' Chosen Few

Tuba Fats' Chosen Few Jazz Band

Milton Batiste's All-Satr Gumbo Band

Banda de Musica 40 Brigada Tropa del Socorro de la Cruz Roja de Sevilla

Stabsmusikkorps der Grenztruppen der DDR Erfurt

Carl G Gilbert

William James Duthoit

Paulo Emmez

John Hubert Giffin Bath

Herberte Jordan

Richard Telford

Gregg Stafford & the Easy Riders Jazzband

Big Bill Bissonnette's Easy Riders Jazz Band

Dt Michael White

Bandarra Street Orkestra

Agrupacion Musical Nuestro Padre Jesus Despojado de Sus Vestiduras

Berliner Harmonie Orchester

Lisa Webb & Perry Barton

H. L. Blankenburg

The Cheshire Regimental Band

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