Independent Route

days were still,
a storm brewed over this hill,
with no hand to hold and a light to guide,
found a shelter only to hide,
your custodian presence so rare,
yet I never ceased to care,
some passed, some remained,
you were always on my mind as I walked this independent route,

Independent route, independent route, to the older and newer places
Independent route, I’ll never forget those faces

back and forth; this home, that home
like a pendulum I’ve moved to and fro,
tears and smiles like sides of a coin
tossed and caught by hands but mine
this whistling wind, it whispered my name
door had opened like an invitation
I didn’t but it did find me, so I walked this independent route

oh I could count them all,
with them came music, and only stark silence once they left

Bitter Sweet

Bled outside today,
but only because of my silliness
Bled inside, too
on hearing what she had said
I said, it’s hard to reverse
it’d only taste bitter, we’ve come this far, don’t shy away

While we rode through this way,
a stream right beside on this wintry day,
I gazed at it through and through,
so steadily it passed,
every rock, every turn only paved its way,
We were just like that stream,
it withered, no its not over, not today

She sprinkled some sugar to make it better,
it was sweet, but still a little bitter, still a little bitter

When will there be a time like the time we once had,
time, it flies, I’m no time, nor do I have the wings, but I’ve got you,
how long, how far,
and before it turns dark
lets start a fire with the spark in us,
lay down, close our eyes
to find that place
once again